Hot dog soup

Hot dog soup

Here’s a culinary oddity that escaped my palate, until recently. Hot dog soup. Sounds odd and people make faces when you mention it. But a friend of mine grew up eating hot dog soup as a regular staple of his diet. His mom used to make hot dog soup a lot when he was growing up. It’s the sort of thing you throw together, especially when you don’t have a lot of recipe ingredients, or you just can’t find something to suit your tastes. I liken it to a WWII combat soldier’s "helmet stew", whereby soldiers threw what they could gather, into a helmet and cooked up a stew. Being adventurous, I was anxious to try this family staple from the past. So I acquired the recipe and made some hot dog soup. It was great. Very tasty and satisfying. It’s now a staple on my choice of things to eat. Yes, I already checked it out on the Internet. There are versions of hot dog soup all over the place. Seems a lot of moms used to make this, "budget stretching" stew for their families. Mine didn’t, but I’m glad I finally got in on the secret. Hot dog soup. Try it.
Oh, if it’s beneath your dietary standards, pretend its Potage à la viande.

Hot Dog Soup
5-8 hot dogs, brand of your choice.
1 small onion, diced.
Cooking oil or olive oil
1 can corn niblets or creamed corn
1 can red kidney beans
salt & pepper to taste
a little garlic, chopped
water (I use chicken stock; beef stock would work also)

Sauté diced onion and some garlic in a little oil and butter.
Slice hot dogs into bite size pieces and add to sauté.
Cook for a bit, then add corn and kidney beans (liquid included).
Add water (or stock) as necessary to form soup consistency.
Simmer for a bit, to let the flavors blend and everything to cook through, then serve.

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