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Spaghetti Puttanesca con Tonno

Spaghetti Puttanesca con Tonno

Spaghetti Puttanesca with Tuna, broccoli, carrots

Seen on Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals on TV, but below is the recipe without tuna.

Spaghetti Puttanesca by Jamie Oliver – Food Network

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Three types

Three types

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Smoked Catfish with Pineapple-Kalamata Salsa

Smoked Catfish with Pineapple-Kalamata Salsa

A combination of recipes, Smoked Catfish from the Neelys on Food Network and the Pineapple-Kalamata Salsa from Rick Bayless and the grilled potatoes are salt, pepper, oil and smoked paprika and topped with a little sour cream and cilantro.

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Missing the Brass Monkey

Missing the Brass Monkey

All natural, vegan, nut free snack bites filled with bananas, sunflower seed butter, oats, Kamut flakes and a hint of maple syrup, with a nice sweet chew from dates and raisins and a crunch from a toasted sesame seed coating. Made these for my food demo class today – such a fun, simple and QUICK recipe you can make with the kids after school (and better than a cookie!)

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Homemade mac and cheese

Homemade mac and cheese

Made from a recipe from Food Network. Left out the tomatoes and added ham.

Shot with natural, window light in the morning fresh from the oven.

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(first front-end concept) Blake Farms Web Concept [class project]

(first front-end concept) Blake Farms Web Concept [class project]

Here we go….

Officially my first front-end concept (or at least first one that I think looks good enough to show the world).

This is part of a multi-piece project I did for one of my final design classes.

I’ve been an employee of Blake’s (Blake Farms, Blake’s Farm, Blake’s Orchard ??) for 4 years–so naturally, creating a project for a company I know well made the project go a lot smoother.

I recreated a logo (which as a disclaimer, I don’t know if I’d actually want to see this as their logo. I’d prefer something a bit more vintage/classic opposed to this cute/fun look. I’d picture it a bit cleaner… like the Michigan Apples logo). Besides. Sometimes it reads "Blokes Farm" and uh.. that wouldn’t be fabulous would it?

This website concept is NOT going live. But if it were live, you would be able to run your cursor over the circles, in which the circle would enlarge while the other two downsized. Running your cursor over the words, "Our Farm", "Our Fruit", and "Our Way" would pop up a square with a brief blurb and the "Read More" button.

The arrows would scroll through the circles if there were more than three, where whatever circle is in the center (this case, the "Our Fruit"), that would would be the largest. Think of how your iPod looks as you scroll through album art.

The "Read More" bubble would NOT show up until you rolled over the text.

"Our Farm, Our Fruit, Our Way" is the catchy slogan the Company just implemented on their new line of apple butter, applesauce, and jams featuring their own fruit. (which I really recommend you should try if you’re from the area).

I created the "Our Farm, Our Fruit Our Way" text in Illustrator, so no it’s not an actual typeface and wouldn’t be a web font.

The social media icons in the left corner would be below the screen (as shown in the outer apples). There would be a call-out that says "connect" or something hovering above the apples when they’re below the screen. As the user rolls over the apples, they would pop up to reveal the social network icon.

The Home page is the one you’re viewing, hence the downstate of the red "Home" tab in the navbar. The fence would glide along the navbar as the user set (not clicked) the tabs. But when the user runs the mouse around the rest of the screen, the fence would remain above whatever tab is in the downstate.

Last, and most importantly, the photos are NOT my own. They are used by permission from Flickr users (except one, I’m waiting for a response from). The two outer images *are* from Blakes.

1. Our Farm – "Golden Delicious" from Buzz Click Photography [© 2007 All Rights Reserved. – see profile page for usage info]

2. Our Fruit – "Apple Pie ‘Before’" from cdmalin [Copyright 2011 © Christopher D. Malin]…

3. Our Way – "pumpkin patch at blakes apple orchard, mi" from ch3t

I would think that "Our Farm" would take the viewer to a fun little story about the farm and the 3 locations and how they got to where they are today. Maybe a cute illustrated PDF aerial map of each or something.

"Our Fruit" would include the harvest calendar, an apple variety chart, and some neat little interactive thing with each fruit… displaying their varieties, some neat health facts and recipes… I don’t know…

and "Our Way" would be like… their practices. I forget the name of it, but Blake’s uses some method of spraying which cuts spraying down significantly. Maybe this is where their mission/vision/values would be found… and maybe a thing or two about benefits of buying locally, community involvement (and some companies Blakes works with.. like how Achatz Pies uses Blake’s strawberries in that season). Something fun like that.

Check out their current site to read up about them a bit more! 😀 Thanks for reading!!

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